Interactive tools create engaging impact to drive up enrollment

Impact Stories

“20% Increase in student enrollment. That’s called Impact!”

Miss Relibon, teacher
‘Make hay while the sun shines’ fits perfectly in the story of transformation of Raid Hoppati Secondary School in Kharpati- Meghalaya whose digital classrooms, powered by the sun, are leading to surging student enrollment.
Raid Hoppati Secondary School, Kharpati

In a country as vast as India, it’s not always possible to reach adequate facilities to all the schools. Remote areas, especially. Kharpati is such an area. But the will to do something is stronger than the challenges it encounters. Spreading Happiness InDiya Foundation (SHIF) had the will. The way made itself.

SHIF is a collaborative effort between Sachin Tendulkar and Schneider Electric to realize their vision of solar-powered smart classrooms in rural government schools.

For the students and teachers of Raid Hoppati Secondary School in Kharpati, aging facilities and irregular power supply were challenges that needed to be overcome. With the intervention of SHIF, things began to look brighter. Irregular power supply is now being addressed by solar power. The integration of Wi-Fi into the classrooms has connected this remote school to the knowledge of the entire world. Imagine the feeling of empowerment when knowledge can be accessed literally on your fingertips!

Children are curious and internet is the salvation for the curious mind.

The digital classrooms are feeding these minds like never before. Their curiosity is being quenched with an immersive audio-visual experience, where learning comes alive. Can there be a better way to teach water cycle than to show it as if it’s happening right in front of them! The visuals and the animation get imprinted on their mind. They will never forget. And when these classroom teachings are combined with outdoor exploration of the same concept, where they get to see it happening in nature, then the concepts become a reality.

Teachers are equal participants in this learning process. SHIF trains them in the ways of a smart classroom and environment-related issues.

The classroom extends beyond. Inspired by the digital learning, the students are solving local problems with their newly gained knowledge and skills.

rooftop rainwater harvesting systems

From implementing rooftop rainwater harvesting systems and tree plantation drives to advocating for efficient electricity usage and proper waste disposal, the students have become harbingers of positive news in the area.

tree plantation drives

The sun doesn’t discriminate. Its shine benefits one and all equally. It has brought the light of digital education to a remote school.

One day, these very students will take this light of knowledge and spread it all around. That day, the vision of Spreading Happiness InDiya Foundation would be fully realized.