Voices of Happiness

Ms. Jasmin Patel
7th Std Student, Dhaniyavi Primary School,
Vadodara, Gujarat

SMITA sessions based on tips to save electricity at homes and schools along with waste management were conducted last week. I got an opportunity to learn SMART tips to save electricity, which I never learnt before. I have made some STEM models in my class where I have used solar panels and got to know the advantages of using solar panels. In the future, I would like to understand more about saving power using solar panels. I am looking forward to championship events in my school.

Mr. Jasmin Patel
Mr. Sanjay Nawade
Headmaster, Zilha Parishad Primary School, Sasewadi, Ahmednagar

Digital Classroom was a dream for us which would not have become true without the support from SHIF-SMITA Programme. But now our teachers have got a tool which will help them a lot to teach students more creatively.

Mr. Sanjay Nawade