Innovative tools inspire transformative impact in Mriganka's passion for science

Impact Stories

Mriganka's journey is a testament to how innovative educational tools can bridge the gap in remote areas.

Mriganka Nath, Paschim Rangamati H.S. School

In Punia, a village nestled in the rural district of Darrang, educational prospects are often limited. Mriganka Nath, a student at Paschim Rangamati H.S. School struggled to connect with his studies due to a lack of modern educational resources. The son of parents with minimal formal education, he found science particularly challenging. This changed dramatically with the introduction of smart classrooms, funded by the Spreading Happiness InDiya Foundation, a collaboration between Sachin Tendulkar and Schneider Electric.

The smart class TV, more than just a new piece of technology, became a window to a world of interactive learning. Initially hesitant, Mriganka's curiosity soon transformed into a profound passion for science. Supported by visual and dynamic teaching methods, he excelled in a Model Making competition and achieved the highest science marks in his annual examinations.

Spreading Happiness InDiya Foundation

Mriganka's journey is a beacon of how innovative educational tools can bridge the gap in remote areas, empowering students like him to explore and achieve in fields they once found daunting. As he now aims for a future in science, his story underscores the transformative impact of technology in education, particularly for rural youth in areas like Darrang.